Silver Inflation Hedge

If you're like most of us you feel more comfortable holding physical silver in these uncertain times. Our farming community has it's own silver coins that we've all been using for years. Give us a call for today's price. 

Simple Pump



We are your simple pump dealer! Are you looking for a hand pump that will lift water out of a drilled well? Simple Pump may be a good option for you. We also install the old-fashioned pumps with a cylinder down below. They may require more maintenance depending on usage. You may have to pull them out of the well every year in order to redo the leather. The simple pump has a stainless steel cylinder and uses neoprene. We haven't rebuilt any Simple Pumps due to their durability. Deep wells can have additional spring assist so that even a child can pump it easily. We also offer a optional DC motor with the pump jack that attaches to the simple pump. They can be installed right beside your pump allowing use in any condition. The Simple Pump and cylinder are both made with stainless steel for long-lasting durability. 

Water Storage

One important component of the off-grid water system is storage. Whether you are collecting rainwater, pumping water from a well or obtaining water from a river or Creek. Storage is important component to think about if it's for human consumption. When considering a water storage tank you need to calculate how much water for your needs. Retired people are fairly conservative with their water usage so a 5000 gallon tank will last an elderly couple about a year. Another factor is the pumping mechanism, having work done on anything mechanical can be time consuming. You need to have enough water to last you while you're getting repairs completed. If you're depending solely on your rainwater system. You need to account for dry seasons and go even larger on container volume. 

Here's some questions you need to ask yourself. Are you concerned about freezing? Are you concerned about a bullet hole draining the tank? Are you going to use gravity to feed water into your house? Are you going to bury the tank? Finding out whether you're going to put it in a building and insulate it or are you going to have a water tower. If burying the tank using a pump is something to consider. Some customers buildings were quite a bit higher than their house. We were able to install bullet resistant walls around the tank and gravity feed to their house. We've had situations where we put the tank next to the house or in the basement and used a hand pump to bring water up to the sink. Tanks in a small building can use a booster pump so you could have pressurized water. Power or hand pump but no power for both systems being able to work at the same time. There's many different options for your homestead. Contact us today and speak with a specialist about your needs.  Electric systems, water systems, hand-powered systems, irrigation for your garden or livestock.